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Trump Says Decisions Made on War in Afghanistan

U.S. President Donald Trump said Saturday that his administration has made decisions on how to deal with the 16-year war in Afghanistan. One day after meeting at the Camp David presidential retreat with his national security team to consider strategic options, Trump tweeted, “Important day spent at Camp David with our very talented generals and military leaders. Many decisions made, including on Afghanistan,” he wrote, without providing details. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Friday that a new strategy would “protect America’s interests” in the South Asian region…

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Finance News 

Microsoft just made a brilliant acquisition in the cloud wars against Amazon, Google (MSFT)

Microsoft has acquired a startup called Cycle Computing for an undisclosed sum. Cycle Computing’s software allows companies to run massively huge apps in the cloud, a profitable area for cloud vendors. Cycle was an early partner with AWS and Google and its customers will be asked to move to Microsoft’s cloud.  In a bit of a coup in the cloud computing world, Microsoft on Tuesday announced that it bought a startup called Cycle Computing for an undisclosed sum. Cycle may not have the name recognition of some of its better-known…

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As Eclipse Madness Sweeps U.S., A Stonehenge Made Of Cars Prepares

Enlarge this image Carhenge lies in the path of totality for the Aug. 21 eclipse. Christian Heeb/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Christian Heeb/Getty Images Later this month, the moon’s shadow will fall on Carhenge. “Holy cow man, guess what? There’s going to be an eclipse,” says Kevin Howard, the head of the visitor’s bureau for Alliance, Neb., which is home to the Stonehenge replica made of cars. Alliance, with a population of about 8,500, is preparing for a deluge of visitors, including the state’s governor, who has announced he…

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