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Think Less and Get More Done By Using The “Getting Things Done” Model

Trying to be productive while you’re worrying about other things that need your attention can be stressful. Even though you can’t be in two places at once, and you’re doing the best you can, the fear of not doing everything can still be overwhelming. Every time your focus shifts from your current task to one that you are feeling pressure to complete, you interrupt yourself. Interruptions cost workers 3-5 hours of productivity every day.[1] You lose touch with the current task by worrying about the what you need to finish…

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How Islam Could Help Prevent More Sex Abuse Scandals

Qasim Rashid, IndependentIf the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse revelations shocked you, then you’re dangerously ignorant to reality. According to RAINN, an American is assaulted every 98 seconds, one out of every six women will deal with rape or attempted rape in her lifetime, and 90 per cent of rape victims are women. … Read the referenced story here: How Islam Could Help Prevent More Sex Abuse Scandals

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White House: $4,000 more for families with business tax cuts

AP Photo/Evan Vucci WASHINGTON (AP) — By slashing corporate tax rates, the Trump administration said Monday, the average U.S. household will get an estimated $4,000 more a year. This stunning 5 percent increase is likely to be met with skepticism from tax experts and Democratic lawmakers. Spread across every U.S. household, the White House analysis claims it would generate “conservatively” an income jump totaling $504 billion, or about $200 billion more than the revenues currently generated by the corporate income tax. With this new … Read the referenced story here: White…

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More than just wine country is burning in California

AP Photo/Paul Elias REDWOOD VALLEY, Calif. (AP) — Mendocino County is 70 miles north of California’s fabled wine country of Napa and Sonoma counties, now under siege from wildfires. But it’s a world away in mood, attitude and, especially, prominence. That helps explain why some residents feel ignored as they deal with their own catastrophic wildfires. “We have been hit just as hard as anyone,” said Sonya Campbell, who lost her house to the fires. “I don’t get why we aren’t getting any attention.” … Read the referenced story here: More…

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Do Tax Cuts Stimulate The Economy More Than Spending?

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to boost the economy both by  cutting taxes and investing more money in infrastructure. Usually, however, politicians and policymakers have favored one type of stimulus over the other. Conservatives like tax cuts, while liberals favor more spending. In the Trump administration, tax cuts appear to have won the argument for now. Republicans  unveiled the blueprint of a major tax overhaul, which White House officials predict will boost economic growth to more than 3 percent a year. In the meantime, infrastructure investment remains on the back-burner. Did they make…

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5 Cookbooks for People Who Always Need More Ideas for Dinner

Dinner. It’s an inescapable occurrence, 365 days of the year. Many of us have our go-to moves when all else fails — template meals that are easy and easily adaptable. Tacos. Egg scrambles. Pasta. Soup. And then there are the nights when it’s more about desperate calls for take-out. (It’s ok. You’re among friends. We understand.) Yes, dinner. If we don’t plan it properly, it sneaks up on us at 4pm — or, yikes, later! — and we are faced with the perennial question: “What are we eating?” Because we…

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Gusty winds fan California wildfires, force more evacuations

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong SONOMA, Calif. (AP) — Rising winds fanned the Northern California wildfires early Saturday, forcing hundreds more people to flee from their homes in the state’s fabled wine country and destroying more buildings. About 400 homes were evacuated ahead of the flames. The affected areas included the Oakmont retirement community near Santa Rosa that was evacuated earlier in the week, the state Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said. Flames also reached a sparsely populated part of Sonoma, a town of … Read the referenced story here: Gusty…

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Nearly $16 Billion More Needed to Carry Out 2020 Census

The Trump administration acknowledged Thursday that billions more dollars are “urgently needed” to ensure a fair and accurate count during the 2020 Census. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told a House panel that new cost estimates show the 2020 Census will cost $15.6 billion, about 27 percent more than earlier projections. Among the factors for the higher cost estimates, according to Ross, are tightening labor markets and overly optimistic projections from the Obama administration about the savings new technology would provide. He said Americans’ growing privacy and security concerns also discourage…

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