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Left-wing Activists Plan to Protest Boston Free Speech Rally

Left-wing activist groups, including Black Lives Matter and Antifa, have announced plans to protest an event that its organizers are calling a free speech rally Saturday in Boston, as a response to the violence in Charlottesville last weekend. The free speech rally in the East Coast state of Massachusetts was organized in July by a group calling itself Boston Free Speech, which says it is made up of a coalition of “libertarians, progressives, conservatives and independents.” John Medlar, one of the group’s organizers, has told multiple media outlets the rally…

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Erik Prince’s Plan to Privatize the War in Afghanistan

Rosie Gray, The AtlanticErik Prince thinks he can turn around the war in Afghanistan, and he’s got a PowerPoint deck to explain the whole thing. The Blackwater founder brought it with him to the Corner Bakery on North Capitol Street in Washington last Thursday, printed out and placed in a presentation binder. He’s been shopping it around D.C. And on Friday, when President Trump huddles with his advisers at Camp David to plot a way forward, it will be in the mix. … Read the referenced┬ástory here: Erik Prince’s Plan…

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Trump Approves Plan to Create Independent Cyber Command

President Donald Trump has approved a long-delayed Pentagon plan to create an independent and more aggressive cyber command in order to beef up cyberwar operations against the Islamic State group and other foes. The White House announcement Friday means U.S. Cyber Command may eventually be split off from the intelligence-focused National Security Agency. For now, Trump has agreed to raise the stature of Cyber Command within the military and give it more autonomy. He did not say who would serve as commander of the organization. “This new Unified Combatant Command…

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UPS Announces Plan To Train Drivers Using Virtual Reality

UPS announced Tuesday its plans to incorporate virtual reality (VR) technology into its training program for new drivers, according to CNN. New drivers will reportedly not be allowed to step foot behind the wheel until they can successfully pass. VR will help to provide drivers with a more realistic training experience by allowing trainees the ability to drive the company’s 10,000-pound truck through advanced technology. Trainees will understand how to maneuver in UPS trucks on city streets as they learn how to spot road hazards. The tests are slated to last roughly three to six minutes….

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‘Out for blood’: Man arrested in plan to bomb Oklahoma bank

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A 23-year-old man who was “out for blood” when he attempted to detonate what he believed was an explosives-laden van outside an Oklahoma bank in a plot similar to the deadly 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building, authorities said Monday. During a meeting with undercover FBI agents in June, Jerry Drake Varnell of Sayre, Oklahoma, said he held “III% ideology” and wanted “to start the next revolution,” a reference to the “Three Percenters” patriot movement – begun in 2008, … Read the referenced┬ástory here:…

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U.S. Senators denounce Trump plan to focus counter-extremism program on Islam

Top Stories WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A dozen Democratic senators on Thursday urged the Trump administration to reconsider overhauling and renaming a U.S. government program so it would focus solely on countering Islamist extremism, saying it could jeopardize security and may be illegal. U.S. Senators denounce Trump plan to focus counter-extremism program on Islam

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