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Elon Musk asks himself 6 questions before every major decision at Tesla and SpaceX

Elon Musk asks himself the same six questions before any big decision he makes. He uses the process as his own version of the scientific method. Inventor and engineer Elon Musk has successfully started four billion-dollar companies: PayPal, Solar City, SpaceX, and Tesla. To launch them — and to answer any complex question — he uses the same approach each time, he told Rolling Stone reporter Neil Strauss. It’s “the scientific method,” Musk said. “It’s really helpful for figuring out the tricky things.” He describes his process this way, according to Strauss: 1. Ask a question. 2. Gather as much evidence…

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11 Urgent Questions about Roasting a Turkey

Most of us only roast a turkey once a year, so we don’t get a lot of practice doing it. Invariably, every year some urgent questions come up about the process — whether it’s your first or fiftieth time doing it. You’ve got this. Never fear! Here are some answers to questions you may have: Continue reading “11 Urgent Questions about Roasting a Turkey” » … Read the referenced recipe here: 11 Urgent Questions about Roasting a Turkey

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