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Trump’s Presidential Report Card Is Not Pretty

Fred Barnes, The Weekly StandardThere are many ways to judge a presidentâ??polls, approval ratings, legislative successes, foreign breakthroughs, memorable speeches, and historic moments. But there’s a better way than any of these, and Fred Greenstein, a professor of politics emeritus at Princeton University, has developed it.Rather than rely on what others think, the Greenstein method is to judge a president by his performance in officeâ??that is, his effectiveness. Put another way, does the president offer strong and persuasive leadership? Polls and ratings don’t always capture this.Greenstein originally assessed… … Read…

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FBI Report on Black ‘Extremists’ Raises New Monitoring Fears

An FBI report on the rise of black “extremists” is stirring fears of a return to practices used during the civil rights movement, when the bureau spied on activist groups without evidence they had broken any laws. The FBI said it doesn’t target specific groups, and the report is one of many its intelligence analysts produce to make law enforcement aware of what they see as emerging trends. A similar bulletin on white supremacists, for example, came out about the same time. The 12-page report, issued in August, says “black…

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FBI report on black ‘extremists’ raises new monitoring fears

AP Photo/Jon Elswick WASHINGTON (AP) — An FBI report on black “extremists” is stirring fears of a return to a time when the bureau spied on civil rights groups. The FBI says it’s not focused on specific groups, but rather on people who commit violence. At issue is an intelligence assessment that describes “black identity extremist” groups that the FBI says are targeting law enforcement after police killings of black men. The FBI has produced similar reports on other groups and trends, including white … Read the referenced story here: FBI…

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Pentagon Releases Base-by-base Sexual Assault Report Data

The U.S. military on Friday disclosed for the first time base-by-base data on sexual assault reports, showing a higher number of reports at big military installations like Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia as well as overseas hubs like South Korea. Sexual assault in the military, which is defined as anything from groping to rape, is believed to be significantly higher than the number of reports. The Pentagon said it estimates that, in 2016, less than a third of service members who experienced a sexual assault reported it. Still, that was…

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Report: VA clinic where vet set self on fire was remiss

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — A stressed Gulf War veteran who set himself on fire outside a Veterans Affairs clinic and later died went nearly a year without a mental health appointment or medication, one of several serious problems government investigators found with the clinic in a report released Thursday. The Veterans Affairs Department’s inspector general found Charles Ingram III went almost a year without seeing a counselor or taking medications for his mental health problems before his death in March 2016. He requested an … Read the referenced story here:…

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Finance News 

THE INSURTECH REPORT: How financial technology firms are helping — and disrupting — the nearly $5 trillion insurance industry

The global insurance industry is worth nearly $5 trillion, and insurance companies are at risk of losing a share of this valuable market to new entrants. That’s because these legacy players have been even slower to modernize than their counterparts in other financial services industries.  This has created an opportunity for a group of firms known as insurtechs. These startups are leveraging new technology and a better understanding of consumer expectations to increase efficiencies in the insurance industry. Some are helping incumbents deliver better end products, while others are directly competing with legacy…

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