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Brazil’s Deep Cuts To Science Funding Will Lock Country In The Past

Enlarge this image monsitj/Getty Images/iStockphoto As a Brazilian-born scientist, it pains me to witness the devastating cuts — and proposal of future additional reductions — to the country’s science funding. The cut of 44 percent in March brought the 2017 budget for Brazil’s Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications the lowest level in 12 years. Additional cuts of about 16 percent have been proposed for the 2018 budget. The situation is so dire that science centers may have difficulty paying their electricity bills and, of course, personnel will be…

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[Policy Forum] The need for a translational science of democracy

The bitterly factious 2016 U.S. presidential election campaign was the culmination of several trends that, taken together, constitute a syndrome of chronic ailments in the body politic. Ironically, these destructive trends have accelerated just as science has rapidly improved our understanding of them and their underlying causes. But mere understanding is not sufficient to repair our politics. The challenge is to build a translational science of democracy that maintains scientific rigor while actively promoting the health of the body politic. Authors: Michael A. Neblo, William Minozzi, Kevin M. Esterling, Jon…

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