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The Break-Up Guide: We Promise To Get You Through This Stage By Stage

I’ve been through some rough breakups, and one in particular left me reeling, the pain overtaking me. I remember driving in the California sun, a brilliant day in the middle of spring, and I couldn’t see the blue sky. To me, everything looked gray. I could barely coax myself out of bed in the morning, let alone see how things could possibly get better. It didn’t help that I lost my job around the same time as my boyfriend broke up with me. I felt useless, tired, and unwanted. My…

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US, Allied Warplanes Stage Live-fire Exercise Over Korean Peninsula

Almost a dozen U.S., Japanese and South Korean warplanes armed with live weapons flew over the Korean peninsula in what the U.S. military is describing as a “sequenced bilateral show of force” in response to North Korea’s latest missile launch. The Pentagon said the aircraft practiced their attack capabilities by releasing live weapons at a training range in South Korea. The two nations were joined by four Japanese F-2 fighter jets for additional formation training over waters near Kyushu, Japan. In announcing Monday’s exercise, the U.S. Pacific Command said it…

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