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First American Woman to Conquer K2 Tells VOA Her Story

No American woman climber had sumitted the world’s second largest mountain called, K2, in Pakistan until July 28, 2017 when 52-year old former banker Vanessa O’Brian led a team of 12 mountaineers to the top of what is known as “the savage mountain” and one the world’s most dangerous peaks. She described her adventurous trip to VOA’s Ayaz Gul upon her return to Islamabad this week from the northern town of Skardu. … Read the referenced story here: First American Woman to Conquer K2 Tells VOA Her Story

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Manafort Returns to Center of the Russia Story

Benjamin Wallace-Wells, New YorkerWhen he went to bed on July 25th, the political consultant Paul Manafort was a powerful and wealthy man in a complicated position. He had been, for five months last year, the chair of Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign, and he had since become a focus of the various investigations into Russian interference in the election. On the morning of July 26th, Manafort woke up to F.B.I. agents knocking at his bedroom door. They had come to his home in Alexandria, Virginia, with a warrant to retrieve tax…

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Brush Yourself Off And Try Again: An Invention Story

Enlarge this image The MD Brush toothbrush forces users to hold it at the optimal angle relative to their gums. Shuyao Chen/NPR hide caption toggle caption Shuyao Chen/NPR When you want to change the world, a good invention helps. But that’s just the start. Take the story of Mike Davidson and Mike Smith: they wanted to change the world of dental hygiene with a new kind of toothbrush. Three years ago, their brushes were rolling off the assembly line, ready for consumers. But then the pair ran into a business…

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