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Free Speech on Campus Being Compromised, Students Testify

United States college students warned Congress on Tuesday that free speech is being threatened across the country.   The testimony is in response to campus violence against controversial speakers, and “free speech zones” on at least one campus. Free speech zones are areas designated for protest on some campuses.   Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Zach Wood, a student at Williams College in Massachusetts, said he has seen “considerable backlash in addition to administrative obstacles” since becoming president of a group called Uncomfortable Learning. That group invites controversial guests…

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Harvard students’ ouster over offensive posts stirs debate

AP Photo/Charles Krupa LAS VEGAS (AP) — Few college-bound kids lose their shot, and their slot, at their dream school once they get in, but it happened at one of the world’s most elite institutions and for a reason that has, until recently, hardly registered in the university admissions process: social media. Harvard University’s decision to rescind admission offers to 10 incoming freshmen because of offensive Facebook posts comes at a time of heightened attention to free speech and student conduct on U.S. college … Read the referenced┬ástory here: Harvard…

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