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Mississippi accused of unequal schooling for black students

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Mississippi is violating the federal law that enabled the state to rejoin the union after the Civil War, a civil rights group alleged Tuesday in a lawsuit over school funding. The lawsuit filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center on behalf of four African-American mothers with children in public elementary schools asks a federal judge to force the state’s leaders to comply with the 1870 law, which says Mississippi must never deprive any citizen of the “school rights and privileges” described … Read the referenced story here:…

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Fighting back: Students, some schools take on sexual assault

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel FOREST GROVE, Ore. (AP) — A pair of Oregon school districts were intent on identifying warning signs that students might be contemplating a campus shooting when they stumbled on a threat far more pervasive yet much less discussed – sexual aggression among classmates. Unsure at first what to do, the districts adapted the same early-intervention approach used to handle potential school shooters: Based on observations or tips, school staff now quietly keep an eye on kids they worry are sexually aggressive. … Read the referenced story here: Fighting…

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Students sexually abused by peers face struggles in court

AP Photo/Alan Diaz When children sexually assault other children at school, sometimes the only measure of justice comes through the courts. The barriers are formidable, and can lead to long, grueling fights: Public schools in many states enjoy powerful shields, including caps on damages if they lose a lawsuit and high legal hurdles to prove misconduct. And a handful of states offer schools complete immunity from lawsuits in state court. But the incentives for families are powerful, too – protecting their children, winning reforms and … Read the referenced story here:…

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California to Limit Foreign University Students

California state universities, one of the largest higher-education networks in the U.S., will limit the number of undergraduates they accept from outside the state, including foreign students, beginning later this year. A new policy takes effect at the beginning of the 2017-2018 academic year and will limit enrollment of non-California residents to 18 percent of the student population at six University of California campuses: Santa Barbara, Davis, Irvine, Santa Cruz, Riverside and Merced. The other three campuses, in Los Angeles (UCLA), Berkeley and San Diego, have more than 18 percent non-Californian…

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