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Here’s How Big North Korea’s Latest Nuclear Test Actually Was

Enlarge this image North Korea has conducted six nuclear tests. As this chart of seismic activity shows, the latest test on Sept. 3 was roughly an order of magnitude larger than earlier ones. CTBTO hide caption toggle caption CTBTO When North Korea conducted its latest nuclear test, the ground trembled more than 3,000 miles away in western Kazakhstan. Recording the shaking was AS059, an automated seismic station that’s part of a global network designed to detect underground nuclear explosions. The network is run by the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization…

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[In Depth] Test blasts simulate a nuclear attack on a port

At a time when a nuclear bomb smuggled by terrorists is as big a concern as one from a foreign power, delivered by missile or airplane, an attack at a port is likely scenario. But nuclear forensic specialists, who rely largely on nuclear test data collected years ago in western deserts, lack a clear picture of how energy from a detonation would propagate in the highly saturated geology of many U.S. port cities. To remedy that, the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency last October quietly staged Humming Terrapin: a 2-week…

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