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Facebook to Let Users See Whether They ‘Liked’ Russian Accounts

Facebook Inc. said Wednesday that it would build a web page to allow users to see which Russian propaganda accounts they have liked or followed, after U.S. lawmakers demanded that the social network be more open about the reach of the accounts. U.S. lawmakers called the announcement a positive step. The web page, though, would fall short of their demands that Facebook individually notify users about Russian propaganda posts or ads they were exposed to. Facebook, Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Twitter Inc. are facing a backlash after saying Russians used…

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If They Want to Win, Dems Must Run More Moderates

Mark Penn, Washington PostLast week’s Democratic mini-wave has party members elated, and there is no question that the party is poised for gains in 2018 and perhaps 2020. Capitalizing on this opportunity means first understanding that Nov. 7 showed that moderate candidates offer the best chance for a bigger victory in 2018 and beyond. And to attract these candidates, Democrats need to fix their party. … Read the referenced┬ástory here: If They Want to Win, Dems Must Run More Moderates

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On The Alien Question: Where Are They?

Enlarge this image Nuclear physicist Enrico Fermi, as seen on a 2001 USA postage stamp. Ken Brown/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Ken Brown/Getty Images Since my last post was on Earth’s hosting of life, it’s natural to follow with a discussion of life elsewhere. From the outset, we must state two essential facts: first, that we have no concrete evidence that intelligent aliens have ever visited our planet; and, second, that we have no evidence that there is life outside Earth, intelligent or not. Let’s look into the alien…

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