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Everyone Goes Through This, You Are Not That Special

Lady Bird is an accomplishment, an absolutely breathtaking experience that accomplishes a lot, on screen, quickly and shows, in-depth, mother daughter relationships that is full of familial tension. It’s a treat for people and is quite relatable; full of drama, and real themes that can be a little too close to home. This movie isn’t about what we like to talk about, behind closed doors and at a very personal level. Family drama is always with us, no matter who we are and this film depicts that accurately, though in…

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[Perspective] Membrane proteins scrambling through a folding landscape

Single-molecule force spectroscopy (SMFS) (1) measures the extension of a molecule when subjected to force. The folding of a protein can be explored by pulling on one terminus to unfold it; upon relaxation, it may refold toward its native states (2, 3). Transmembrane proteins typically unfold stepwise as structural segments (which can consist of parts of single or multiple secondary structures) are extracted from the membrane (see the figure, top panel) (4). Once extracted, the unfolded segment can insert back into the membrane and fold toward the native protein structure…

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