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SpaceX Bloopers Video: ‘How NOT to Land an Orbital Rocket’

SpaceX has put together a bloopers video showing “How NOT to land an orbital rocket booster.” Set to John Philip Sousa’s rousing march “The Liberty Bell,” the two-minute video posted Thursday shows rockets exploding at sea and over land. The opening blast, from 2013, is even synchronized to the music. SpaceX chief Elon Musk can afford to poke fun at his early, pioneering efforts at rocket recycling, now that his private company has pulled off 16 successful booster landings. The most recent occurred last week in Florida. “We messed up…

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VIDEO: Snot Otters Get A Second Chance In Ohio

[embedded content] Maia Stern and Beck Harlan/NPR YouTube Snot Otter. Lasagna Lizard. Pick your favorite nickname for the Eastern hellbender salamander. They’re the color of mud, and they can grow up to two feet long. People call them snot otters because they’re covered in a layer of slippery mucus. Or lasagna lizards because they have a crinkly flap of skin on their sides that helps them absorb oxygen (and resembles a lasagna noodle). Eastern hellbenders live throughout the Appalachian region in the United States. Their ancestors have been on earth…

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