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Trump Praises Erdogan Despite Incidents of Violence Against Protesters

U.S. President Donald Trump praised Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as a friend who gets “high marks” for “running a very difficult part of the world.” Trump’s effusive praise for the Turkish leader came on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday despite tensions between the two countries over the conduct of Turkish security officials toward American protesters. Hours before Trump met Erdogan for talks, Erdogan supporters punched and kicked three protesters who interrupted his speech at a New York hotel. Erdogan was addressing several hundred people…

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Police Violence Against Black Men Is Rare

Philippe Lemoine, National ReviewA few days ago, former police officer Jason Stockley, who is white, was acquitted of first-degree murder; he had fatally shot Anthony Lamar Smith, who was black, in 2011. Protests started in St. Louis, where the shooting took place and Stockley was judged, immediately after the verdict was announced. Although they were initially peaceful, they soon turned violent, and dozens of protesters were arrested while several police officers were injured. Since the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, just outside St. Louis, in 2014, this has become…

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Democrats Must Stop Enabling Antifa Violence

Ned Ryun, FOX NewsWhile the violent misfits of Antifa proudly call themselves anti-fascists â?? and liken their attacks on anyone they oppose to the heroic fight by resistance forces that battled the Nazis in World War II â?? in reality Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization. … Read the referenced┬ástory here: Democrats Must Stop Enabling Antifa Violence

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